Ruby Developers Wanted

Update: The positions have been filled for now.  However, don’t let that stop you from applying!  There’s good odds we’ll need more within the next few months.  FYI, best way to stay on top of our needs is to hang out around us.  Come to Betas and the Ruby Users Group here in Orlando.

We’re looking for another mid to senior level Ruby developer for both Envy Labs and Code School.  For the Envy Labs side we’re looking for someone who enjoys working on lots of challenging client projects with our killer team of project managers and designers.  For the Code School side we’re looking for someone who is passionate about educational technology and teaching programming in the best way possible.  You’ll need to be able to work in the office here in Orlando.  


What we have to offer:

  1. Great office in the middle of downtown, with a beautiful view.
  2. Competitive Salary & Healthcare. 
  3. Equity after a year.
  4. A laid-back work environment.
  5. You get to work with a team that loves learning, and getting better at what we do.
  6. We’ll pay for you to go to one remote and one local conference a year.
  7. If you want to speak at tech conferences, we’ll help pay to get to more.
  8. If you’re a fan of video / audio production, we do lots of that and you can get involved.
  9. If you want to teach, lots of opportunities to get paid to create educational content.
  10. Rarely any overtime.  We have families and enjoy spending time with them.
  11. We’re deeply involved in the Orlando tech & startup community.  
  12. A great culture and work environment.  Here’s some perks:
  • Optionally work from home Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  • No set hours on M/W/F.  Wander in when you like.
  • Monthly company outings.
  • Whiskey Wednesdays / Two beers on tap for relaxing time.
  • Ping pong table.
  • Lots of local tech events in our space at night.
  • Catered lunch every Friday.
  • Paid betterment every other Friday afternoon.  This is where we put client work down and work on anything you like (as long as it makes you better).  
  • All the Espresso, Coffee, Tea, & Sodas you can drink.
  • Lots of free snacks.
  • Scheduled raises, so there’s no question when you’ll get your next bump.

I get a lot of happiness from providing for people and creating an awesome work environment.  I suspect this is because I had lots of shitty work experiences.  We’ve all been there.

If you think you might be a good fit for our team, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line a and let us know which position you’re interested in.  

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here’s how to impress us:

  • Show us open source contributions.
  • Show us well tested code.
  • Show us technical writing (blog posts or documentation) you’ve done.
  • Show us conference talks you’ve done.
  • Tell us other technologies you’ve used (aside from Rails).. i.e. Backbone, CoffeeScript, NoSQL DBs, Ember.. and what you think of them etc.
  • On the Code School side: What’s your code school user profile URL?  What’s one way you think we could improve Code School.
  • On the Envy Labs side: Have you ever been a tech lead on a client project?  How do you try to facilitate communication with clients?  What’s your philosophy?
  • Are you good at ping pong?  

-Gregg Pollack

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